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Part of the reproductive life cycle in "Canada Frost Weed" involves the prodcution of flowers that self pollinate. These flowers never open and pollen tubes leave the anthers and grow directly toward the stigma. This image is a dissected, self-pollinating flower that is not fully developed. The sepals were removed, but petals are never produced. I called this The Embrace because the developing stamens (blue) grow upward toward the stigma of the pistil (pink) as the flowers develop. 

The Embrace

  • All prices include shipping!!!

    All prints can be framed upon request for an additional charge based on size and material chosen.

    Although not necessary, prints with 2" digital mats can also have an optional acrylic panel added for additional protection over and above the laminate coating on the print.

    2" Digital mats are "Smooth White" with a white bevel. Because they are digital, they can be made to any size, and any colour. Contact us if you have a particular size or colour in mind for the mats.

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