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This image was captured in the dark forests of the KC Irving Botanical Garden in Wolfville, NS. Void of outside light, I used off camer flash as my "sun source." The advantage of doing so is that you control the shadows, and the fine details of the lower lip, along with the inner reproductive parts are defined and refined by placement of the flash.

Pink Lady Slipper

  • All prices include shipping!!!

    All prints can be framed upon request for an additional charge based on size and material chosen.

    Although not necessary, prints with 2" digital mats can also have an optional acrylic panel added for additional protection over and above the laminate coating on the print.

    2" Digital mats are "Smooth White" with a white bevel. Because they are digital, they can be made to any size, and any colour. Contact us if you have a particular size or colour in mind for the mats.

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